Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Welcome to Florida!

Willow arrived and it only seemed fair to give him a little walking tour of my apartment complex to help acclimate him to his new home for the next few months!

Even on November 6th, it was warm and sunny out. In fact, we're unseasonably warm right now with a high around 85F! (It's normally about 79F this time of year so it's a bit too hot right now and I'm eager for a break in the hot weather.

My apartment building backs up against a preserve. So this is the view from the back.

Walking down behind my building towards the pool. You can see the edges of the preserve on the right.


One of the many (many!!) palm trees in the neighborhood.

A lot of the flowering plants have been trimmed now that the peak of the growing season is over, but there was still a single hibiscus flower bloom to get that tropical feel!

More palm trees!

Heading back towards my building, the clouds looked so cool! I had to put the flash on so you could see Willow but that's why he's a little unnaturally bright here.
So there you have it! Introduction to my apartment complex and Willow's first look at Florida! :)

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