Monday, November 11, 2013

Festival of the Masters - Downtown Disney

Saturday, we hit the Festival of the Masters art show located in Downtown Disney. Festival of the Masters is a really awesome annual show where only the best of the best get to be featured. Everyone there has to win an award in a juried art show just to apply!

Downtown Disney is in Orlando and is part of the Walt Disney World resort. It's like an outdoor mall but really fancy with shops and restaurants and a movie theater, bowling alley and more. It's free to walk around just like any mall and the Festival of the Masters is set up as tents and sidewalk chalk art all along the walkways. This year is the 38th annual event - it's older than me! :)
Here's a map of Downtown Disney

The canopy is part of Cirque du Soleil's permanent show, Orlando House of Blues is in front and you can see some of the tents all around featuring all kinds of art.

More tents plus the bowling alley in the distance and more store fronts and dining.

The sidewalk chalk art always really impresses me. They do AMAZING work!!

Water fountain and Planet Hollywood location.

There's a Lego store and all kinds of cool, super large Lego figures like this Loch Ness monster in the lake!
Maleficent in her dragon form out of Lego

Lego Snow White and Dopey from the Seven Dwarves.
Much larger than life Mr Potato Head outside the toy store.

After a lot of walking, we stopped for a late lunch. Earl of Sandwich is owned by the actual current Earl who's ancestor invented the sandwich and gave it the name! Yum!!

Last stop of the night we hit the Christmas store. It's all Christmas all year long. I needed Love's extra tall reach to put Willow in this picture. Do you see him? :)


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  2. I love Maleficent in her dragon form out of Lego! Looks like Willow is having a blast!