Monday, November 25, 2013

Shopapalooza 2013

Shopapalooza 2013 is the 4th annual show in Downtown St. Petersburg celebrating local, small businesses. A group of us that are all Tampa Bay Area Etsy sellers, got a discount on tent space and we had a little "etsy row" of vendors.

I've only done two shows before this event and both of those were just a table. This was my first time setting up a full 10x10 tent for a show. My husband took up part of the space showing off some of his artwork as well. It was an amazing amount of work and I spent the past three weeks working on it all from creating the display shelves for his art from scratch to making stock and getting my whole tent set up created and show-ready!

My tent!! You can see my jewelry on the left, his art in the back and Willow sitting with my yarn ball ornament tree on the right! :)

Willow poses with my table of jewelry!

The view from within my tent. Out past the park, you can see the edge of the water and some of the sailboats and yachts docked there.

Looking left out of my tent

Looking down the path of other etsy vendor tents

Willow is dancing along to the group performing "Thriller" (why? No idea! LOL)

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