Saturday, November 30, 2013

Out and About at the Mall and Such

While I'm not crazy enough to risk life and limb on Black Friday, today (Saturday the 30th), I needed to get a few things so we braved several shopping centers and even the mall!

I didn't want to bring my DSLR with me as a lot of stores get touchy about taking photos with a big, "professional" looking camera so I just used my cell so sorry for the poor quality. But I thought Willow might enjoy a little bit of an outing.

Just heading down the road from where I live off to the mall. I figured this was a good road to show you how utterly FLAT it is around here! It was a little overcast earlier today too.
Walking through the mall. (One of many, many malls around here!)

We spotted elves walking by.

Later, we found the elves and helpers handing out reusable tote bags advertising "Christmas Town" at Busch Gardens Tampa. We're thinking of trying to see it for the first time this year so if we do, Willow will of course come along.

After the mall, we hit Target! (You can see the Hula girl on Love's dashboard next to Willow in this shot. LOL)
In addition, we also had to visit both Joann's and Michael's today but I didn't get pics. It was a lot of running around but we got all our errands done so yay!

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