Tuesday, November 19, 2013

IKEA Tampa

I needed to get a few things for my upcoming art show next week so Sunday, November 17th we headed to Downtown Tampa to hit our local IKEA store!

So. Many. Couches!

Need a coffee table? Or twelve?

It's like a maze in there! Willow consulted the map.

Drooling over the very pretty kitchen.

After all that walking around, we stopped for a snack.

The view from our table. Part of the parking lot, then the new Crosstown Expressway overpass they're building and the Tampa Skyline in the distance. 


  1. 35+ years growing up in FL. Family is still there in Clearwater. Very cute. What the heck are they building now, with that crane? I hope you did not feed the bears! Too cute. I am stillathtetop on Craftster. ~T

  2. They are doing a new connection for the Selmon Expressway to I-4 (http://tbinterstates.com/projects/projectinfo.asp?projectid=175), not to mention MASSIVE construction on I-275 (http://tbinterstates.com/projects/projectinfo.asp?projectID=202&RoadID=1). Everything's getting expanded and reconfigured but it's just a nightmare right now. And, you know how Florida is. Despite the fact they can build year-round here, it takes ages for them to finish road projects. I-4 expansion took like, what? 20 years to finish? LOL