Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting Ready for My Art Show

I've been so busy running around getting ready for my upcoming show (Shopapalooza on November 23rd) that I've been spending a lot of time up at my Mom's house. See, I'm in a 3rd floor apartment and my mom has a nice sized backyard. Her husband also has a nice work shed with plenty of tools for working on creating a new shelving system for my tent.

Mom has three hibiscus plants in her backyard. This is the yellow one. She also has a red and a pink!

Mom's orange tree. The oranges are little and green right now because the season for them isn't until about February.

Large "elephant ear" tree in her backyard. She basically put a plant in the crook of the trunk and it spread and flourished. My Mom has an amazing green thumb. (That I did not sadly, inherent!)

In my step-dad's shed after doing some dry-brushing to "age" the door s that make up the structure of my shelf display.
Here's a dry run of setting up my tent display to get an idea of the layout.

Close-up of the shelving unit I've been working on for the past couple weeks. Love how it came out!

And on the way home, the sky looked pretty as I stopped at the store for dinner so I stuck Willow on top of my car and took a quick shot. We have more impressive sunsets than this but this one was nice too.

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