Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jingle Bell Run

Love did the 31st Annual Jingle Bell run that goes throughout Downtown St. Petersburg. Everyone wears lights and jingle bells and it's a festive atmosphere.

I got there early and took some pictures of Downtown first and then after dark, of the decorations and the run. It's right on the water so there's lots of sailboats, yachts, boats, and such plus several waterfront parks and of course shopping and dining and high rise condos. It's a pretty area.

View of The Pier. It closed this summer and was supposed to be replaced with a new thing called The Lens but it got voted down so now no one knows what's going on with it!

Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

The famous Banyan Trees!
As you can see, they drop roots DOWN from the branches which then root and form these detailed trunks and they look like a colony of trees all joined and connected.

From the other side of the park, you can see how large the Banyan trees are!

Christmas Tree set up in the park.
Sun was starting to set. The Pier in the background and a sailboat drifts by. And that's the moon up in the top left.
Modern art and high rise condo in one of the other parks right in Downtown.

Walking past the St. Pete Yacht club on the right towards the search lights indicating the starting point for the race.

Some of the many yachts docked across the street from the yacht club!

The starting line for the race.

There were LOTS of people!

And this is the section of the park near the Christmas Tree from earlier all lit up at night. It was so pretty! Plus, Santa was meeting with kids, hence the line. :)

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