Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunset at Clearwater Beach

Sunday we went down to Clearwater Beach to walk in the sand a little and catch the sunset. It's been cold, miserable and rainy the past week - all dark and overcast - and today was a bright, warm afternoon. So it seemed a perfect day to give Willow a chance to see what the Suncoast here is known for: our beaches!

The light was that warm, golden color it gets close to sunset. Still bright though so I made sure Willow was wearing his sunglasses.

Walking towards the beach. Pier 60 can be seen in the distance. (It's not really far, it just looks that way in the photo)
Walking along the beach towards Pier 60.
The calm (and cold!) waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Willow thought the seaweed made a funny toupée

View looking out down the shoreline from the Pier.
Watching the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico.
And end to a lovely day in Florida.

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